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Restoration Work



     Delighting the eye with ever changing combinations of colorful light, stained glass windows can be functional, as well as decorative, and celebrate the religious, social, and economic history of their communitites. Stained glass windows are works of art and also architectual pieces built to be integral parts of the buildings they serve. To lose an original window is to lose the intent of the original designer and to radically transform the function of the interior space.
How To Know If Your Windows Need Restoration
​     Depending on the artistic and historic value of the windows, budgetary concerns, and the needs of the owner, this list may be modified. For accurate documentation and sensitive restoration purposes, this list represents the bare minimum requirements.
1. Stained Glass Panels
​a) Does the panel bend easily or is it solid?
​b) Lead came, are there visible cracks? Does the came bend easily? Are there pieces  of  came missing?
​c) Are there broken solder joints?
d) Is there putty falling out from under the lead came?
2. The Glass
​a) Is there broken or cracked glass?
​b) Is the paint fading or deteriorating?
c) Is the glass corroding?
3. Support System
​a) Are the rebars or tie wires seperating from the window, or missing completely?
​b) Are there bulges in the window? If so, are they due to metal fatigue, poor support design, or poor leading pattern?
​c) Are the support bars attached to the frame of the window as well as the window its self?
4. Frames/ Installation
​a) What is the conditon/ type of frames?
​b) Is there any type of protective glazing and how is it installed?  Is there any condensation?
​c) How are the windows held in the frames? What is the condition of the putty/ caulk/ stops?
d) What is the possibility of breakage due to removal?
​e) How are attendant problems in the building ( i.e. roof leaks, etc.) affecting the windows?

​When you have completed the above survey, the decision must be made as to whether the work can be performed in situ or if the windows must be removed. Our experts can help you decide what actions need to be taken to help keep your beautiful windows shining bright.

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